Applegate Pioneer Cemetery



North Douglas Betterment is pleased and honored to have received the donation of the Applegate Pioneer Cemetery from the Applegate Family. We look forward to assuring that this historic place is respectfully managed for the dead as well as for the living.

Cemetery Rules

These Rules and Regulations are designed for the protection of the cemetery and owners of interment rights. They are intended to enhance the cemetery and preserve its natural beauty and historical character. Everyone is welcome. We ask that visitors remember this is a resting place for loved ones, and treat the site with respect.

All owners of interment rights, their heirs, and visitors to this cemetery are subject to these Rules and Regulations. They may be altered or amended at any time by the administrators of the cemetery. The most current revision of these rules is available at the Yoncalla City Hall.

The contact for all business transactions, including interments and inurnments, is North Douglas Betterment Organization. Information regarding plot sales, copies of Cemetery Interment Authorizations, Quit Claim Deeds, a cemetery map, other records which cross-reference owners of interment rights, and a list of all decedents located in the cemetery by Block/Lot/Plot numbers can be found in the North Douglas Betterment Organization office.


Section 1  General

  1. The cemetery is open during daylight hours.
  2. Dogs are allowed with permission of the cemetery committee. They must be kept on leash and animal waste disposed of properly.
  3. No overnight camping is allowed.
  4. Consumption of alcohol or drugs is not permitted on the premises.
  5. Hunting is prohibited within the cemetery.
  6. Discharge of firearms is prohibited within the cemetery.
  7. All vandalism, including damage to fences, structures, and headstones (for example, graffiti, overturning of headstones), is prohibited within the cemetery.
  8. Littering is prohibited within the cemetery. There is a trash receptacle at the cemetery entrance.
  9. Activities or conduct that constitute a public nuisance or disturbance are prohibited.


Section 2  Maintenance

  1. Applegate Pioneer Cemetery provides only basic maintenance of the common areas as financially practical.
  2. All maintenance of markers and monuments, and special care of interment spaces, is the responsibility of owners of interment rights or their heirs. Any alterations or repair must have prior approval from the cemetery committee.
  3. Planting or removal of vegetation by owners of interment rights or heirs must be approved by the cemetery committee. Plants, etc., that interfere with proper operation or maintenance of the cemetery can be removed by the cemetery committee without notice.
  4. No person without ownership of interment rights may pick, cut, mutilate, trim, uproot, or remove any living vegetation, or dig up or remove any soil, rock, historical, or fossil materials.
  5. The installation of edging, borders, or wooden, wire, or plastic fences must be approved by the cemetery committee.
  6. Twice a year, by March 1 and by October 1, all lot/plot decorations must be removed so the cemetery committee can perform maintenance on the grounds. New decorations may be placed on lots/plots on or after April 1 and November 1.
  7. For safety reasons, no glass or ceramic items are allowed. That includes glass containers for flowers.
  8. For safety reasons, no devotional lights or candles are allowed.
  9. “Astro” turf is strictly prohibited.
  10. Attaching items to trees with nails, screws, or other hardware is prohibited.
  11. The cemetery committee has the right to remove any objects which violate regulations, or whose appearance or condition warrant removal.