North Douglas Betterment

Yoncalla Log Pond Planning

Plan Objective

The purpose of the planning process is to identify the best long-term use of the Yoncalla Pond property. NDB recognizes that this is a long-awaited opportunity to benefit the Community and our goal to make a good decision. Current plan status as of December, 2015:

Planning Activities to Date

We have been actively accumulating information in order to better understand the potential and limitations of the site.

Full repository of Yoncalla Pond Planning Documents

  1. Inventory & Assessment
  2. Lidar Data
  3. Reference Documents
  4. Pond Management Documents
  5. Yoncalla Historical & Cultural Documents

Selection of a Management Proposal

Our next step in our planning process is to select and implement a management option. Then the NDB Board will select the alternative that best meets the following pre-established evaluation criteria:

  1. Emphasis on project quality
  2. Improved utilization of the property
  3. Acceptance by the community
  4. Conformity to existing laws and regulations
  5. Financial sustainability

To meet these criteria the proposal should fully address the following elements:

  • Extent of land disturbance
  • Structures and Improvements
  • Population served
  • Development costs
  • Permitting required
  • Operational and Maintenance Costs
  • Funding sources
  • Responsibility / ownership
  • Barriers to development
  • Benefits to the Community
  • Time-line for development
  • Longevity of the project

Log Pond Management Proposals (needs revision)