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Yoncalla Log Pond Project

North Douglas Betterment acquired the Yoncalla Log Pond in May of 2012 and is conducting a planning process to establish the optimal use of the property to benefit the Community. During this process we encourage visitors to come and experience the pond and share their impressions and ideas with us.


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To facilitate the collection of this information, numerous access trails have been opened including a loop trail around the large pond (View Current trail map). Also, a lovely foot bridge has been installed to provide pond access from Main Street (Thank American Laminators in Drain). Note: Students from the Yoncalla HS Environmental Science Class have been assisting with the inventory process.


We rely on donations and grants to maintain the pond. Volunteers are needed to help us keep the area litter free. Only 1 hr per month! Details Here




Private donations are welcome. They enable us to provide "matching funds" thereby increasing our ability to acquire grant funds. For more donation information click the blue "donate" button.

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For further information contact: ksmith@ndbetterment.org